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Vaishnav Temple of New York

Established in 1988, Vaishnav Temple of New York is the first traditional "Pushtimargiya" temple in North America. It is our fortune that Shri Govardhannathji Prabhu have enhanced our lifestyles by his gracious presence in New York for last twenty years through this temple. Vaishnav Temple of New York has done an excellent job in serving "Lord Shriathji" and helping Vaishnavs since its existance. Vaishnav Temple has experienced an exponential growth on the flow of vaishanvs participating in religious and community services of the temple.

Vaishnav Temple of New York offers different religious activities every year such as "Bhagwat Gyan Yagna", "Gita Gyan Yagna", Giriraj Mahotsav", "Phag Khel (Holi)", "Janamashtami", "Nand Mahotsav", "Shri Mahaprabhuji Prakotsav" just to name a few. Board of trusties and Committee members are very delited to have support of Prominent Pushtimargiya Spritual Leaders and Vallabhkulna Balako such as P.P. Goswami 108 Shri Mathureshwarji Maharaj, P.P. Goswami shri Indirabetiji and others.

Vaishnav Temple of New York is not just a Pushtimargiya Epic Cente of North America, it is also a community service center. Besides its religiuos activities, Vaishnav Temple of New York parcipates in different community activities as well, such as Senior Citizen Center, Youth Committee, Computer Classes, Gujarati Language Classes, Yoga Classes, Health Fair, Support to HELP (Human Enrichment by Love & Peace, Support to natural disasters, and others.

Vaishnav Temple of New York

100 Lakeville Road, New Hyde Park, NY 11040 (516) 354 -7583

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